We at Redhawk Hand Car Wash provide our community with the only 100% hand car wash facility in Temecula and surrounding cities. And yes, we have gone green long before others and have been using filtrated reclaimed water throughout our system to help our environment and prevent misuse of our water resources. We hope you join us in our effort to protect our environment.

Although most car wash operators have switched to automatic cloth wash systems due to increases in costs of labor, we have always paid attention to our customers that prefer hand wash over cloth wash systems.

Our management and staff, constantly work on providing our customers consistent quality service in a pleasant comfortable setting.

We have simplified our entire menu of Wash Packages and Detail Services to provide our customers with the best wash results, keeping prices at the lowest possible in this recent hard hit economy.

We would like to hear from you and we appreciate your comments. Please email us at proimage71@gmail.com. A staff member will get back to you promptly.